July 20, 2017

The beauty industry and I go way, way back.

I will never forget the day I made the earth-shattering decision to quit college, (yes, I literally dropped out) and enroll into cosmetology school. Everyone around me was so unsure. So confused as to why I wanted to be "just a hairstylist" when I could be "anything I wanted to be".

Turns out, this is who I want to be.

In my 28 years there have been few things as rewarding as my finishing a woman's makeup and her looking into the mirror and fighting back tears. Every single  "Oh my gosh! I look so amazing! I want to cry but I don't want my mascara to run!" comment has made my heart swell. Every single conditioning treatment, round-brush blowout, fresh haircut, and every eyebrow wax has meant something to me. No matter how much my back and shoulders ached, how mentally exhausted I became from listening and talking (mostly...

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