Oh the beauty of beauty...

The beauty industry and I go way, way back.

I will never forget the day I made the earth-shattering decision to quit college, (yes, I literally dropped out) and enroll into cosmetology school. Everyone around me was so unsure. So confused as to why I wanted to be "just a hairstylist" when I could be "anything I wanted to be".

Turns out, this is who I want to be.

In my 28 years there have been few things as rewarding as my finishing a woman's makeup and her looking into the mirror and fighting back tears. Every single "Oh my gosh! I look so amazing! I want to cry but I don't want my mascara to run!" comment has made my heart swell. Every single conditioning treatment, round-brush blowout, fresh haircut, and every eyebrow wax has meant something to me. No matter how much my back and shoulders ached, how mentally exhausted I became from listening and talking (mostly listening) all day long, and no matter how little money I made...every excited look in the mirror has been worth it. Even when I complain about how hard my job is, there's no where else I would rather be.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard the "makeup is deceiving" speech. Many, many people, (usually men) have made many, many comments. Since day one I have been reminded over and over of the unimportance of hair, makeup and beauty in-general. For many, it's impossible to understand why everyone just doesn't want to look like their 100% natural self 100% of the time.

In some ways, I couldn't agree more. On my death bed I won't be hugging my eyeshadow palettes or saying goodbye to my brushes. But I realized something that I sort of always knew but could never put into words during the times I've been harassed for my love of beauty products....

We are designed to appreciate beauty. Like, literally.

The complex design of the human eye, the endorphins we get from looking at and regarding something beautiful, the spectacularness that is this planet... All of it is proof. If a woman gets happiness and confidence by seeing more color on her cheeks, her already beautiful eyelashes elongated and darkened, her hair soft, silky, and full of bounce, it's because she was created to appreciate beauty, and beauty was created to be appreciated. If she smiles more that day and is more affectionate to her husband, if she get's to hear her kids' scream "Mommy you look like a princess!". If she gets happiness from something morally clean in this immoral, wicked system of things, no amount of comments will ever make me stop being all about that life.

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